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Aries, Be ready for love because it's ready for you.

The Birthday Zodiac Signs (366)

If you're single, a new lover will make an appearance. If you're already in a relationship, things are going to be even more intense and passionate. Taurus, the attention is on you today. You're confidence is through the roof and you're feeling pretty.

You're not the only one who will notice how good you look. Many people will be attracted to you today. Don't be surprised if you get loads of compliments. Gemini, you're in a spiritual mindset today. It's important to to take some time out of your day to focus on yourself. If you can afford to, just take the whole day off and make it a day about getting to know yourself better.

Relaxation is important. Cancer, things are going to start changing for you and it's important to know that these changes are for the better. You're meeting new people and getting closer to people you wouldn't have expected. Also, try not to take things too personally these next few days. Leo, don't start jumping to conclusions too soon. If people are jumping to conclusions about you, there's nothing much you can do other than prove all of them wrong and watch their jaws drop. Virgo, the people you associate with is changing and your inner circle is expanding.

You're starting to lose touch with people you used to talk to a lot, but that's okay. We all grow and we all change. You might end up feeling a deeper connection with the newer people in your life. Libra, slow down and think about things more before you do them. If someone did something that upset you and they've apologized recently, forgive them. Then, decide whether you still want them in your life or not, but remember that we all deserve second chances. Third and fourth chances? Not so much. Scorpio, your energy level is through the roof and you're feeling invincible.

You've finally realized that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Keep the motivation for as long as possible. You're going to get a lot done today. Sagittarius, change is almost always needed and the change that you're going to experience is definitely needed.

Darkstar Astrology - Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars

Your challenge for today is to go with the flow. A receptive attitude brings you closer to loved ones. Relationships need your presence along with emotional support. Your professional competence combined with focused effort brings great rewards. Lucky number 4. Colour brown. You are likely to play three different roles - keep them separate or there can be confusion.

Organize and conserve your assets and energy. Opportunities and developments are exciting. Guard against emotions in professional matters and analysis in relationships.

Taurus Personality Traits (Taurus Traits and Characteristics)

Lucky number 9. Colour green. You are full of vigor and ready to take on a busy day! You complete chores and unfinished matters. Resolution of conflicts and understanding leads to actualization of plans. You feel happy and relaxed in a relationship as your feelings are affirmed and reflected. You meet new people and make exciting connections. People who matter appreciate skill and wisdom in your craft.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

You tend to over analyze situations. Don't wait for people and opportunities to come to you but meet them half way. You are in for a happy surprise. Lucky number 1. Colour blue.

You are brilliant but also need to be realistic and practical to actualize your potential. Three professional projects on hand need your attention and energy where three key people are likely to support you.

Welcome to Aquarius season!

Before making moves and changes, consider priorities. Yin energy brings positive changes and stability in relationships and business aspects after a short period of fluctuation, increase and decrease in finances and alternation in moods. Balance needs to be maintained as you can be led away by enthusiasm today. Lucky number 2. You participate in family events and resolve conflicts through mediation today. You share joy and spread happiness around you and flower as an individual. Projects get off the ground and you get a lot done at home and at work with ease and efficiency.

Lucky number 5. You experience harmony of change on different levels of consciousness and achieve inner and outer balance. You handle different situations in quick succession.