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Take a closer look at the rest of your birth chart to find out whether you're a true Libra or Scorpio. Get a personalized Birth Chart and Report here. Sign Up or Login to DailyHoroscope. This is for Ariel: I was born at night on the 21st and my Moon is in Scorpio with Cancer and I am the same way as you sometimes! The Sun moves into Libra on September 23, -- the Fall Equinox above the equator and Spring Equinox below, when the days and nights are equal. Libra the scales is the partnership sign, marking the balance of day and night.

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Awareness of where we stand in the borderlands of self and others is the key to relationships and Libra's primary task. Each horoscope sign has a sizzling pairing that'll really raise the heat between the sheets. Is yours a steamy blend of Water and Fire or a sensual, earthy mix of Water and Earth? Read on to see what happens when the elements combine in new and interesting love combinations! To scientists, asteroids are just a class of small celestial bodies that fall into orbit around the Sun.

But to some astrologers, asteroids can have as much impact on our emotional lives as if one had slammed right into our house. Great adventures await those who must accommodate the habits and quirks of a new roommate! Start by learning to happily co-exist with your roommate -- or find one you're naturally compatible with -- by knowing his or her horoscope sign. Don't have an account?

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Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility: The Adventurer and the Sorcerer ⋆ Astromatcha

Kay To scientists, asteroids are just a class of small celestial bodies that fall into orbit around the Sun. Roommates by Sign. Bad schools mean your kids turn out to be idiots. High taxes and high prices mean that you slave like a monkey with very little to show for at the end of the month. All these seemingly philosophical issues, or distant political ideologies or political concepts have real world impact.

You live in that world. And this is why the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is a natural leader. They can talk about these seemingly distant concepts and issues in very impassioned terms. You can find crazy people that do that. You can find drunk people that do that.

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  • You can also find ditzy and dumb people that do that. No, the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp can talk in an impassioned way that draws you in. This intensity enables you to communicate with that person on eye-to-eye basis, so all these ideas instantly become real. They instantly hurt, they instantly make you feel afraid, they instantly make you feel apprehensive, and they instantly make you feel defensive.

    Scorpio/Sagittarius ♐♑ The Cusp of Revolution

    And it all flows from this intensity. It is no surprise why people look at them as a natural leader. They are easily able to sell ideas as easily as they are able to sell laptop computers, blenders, furniture, you name it.

    Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility: The Adventurer and the Sorcerer

    The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp excels at emotional manipulation. The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp excels at this because these words come from an impassioned place. These words come compact with emotional payloads that deliver a wide cascade of emotional payoffs. This is why the intense Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is such a natural leader.

    The Cusp of Revolution, Scorpio Sagittarius cusps are delighted by partners who are as rebellious as they are and as fearless as they are themselves! Bold, aggressive, and intense they draw people towards them with their natural aura and magnetism. Scorpio-Sagittarius cusps are always willing to speak their minds and thus come off as very honest individuals. Sometimes too honest. That is why their ideal partners would be people who could take the sort of bluntness which comes with such individuals. They can be fiercely loyal and are known to charm others with their intelligence and charisma.

    A couple of folks born under this cusp would be the Hollywood actress, author, and producer Jamie Lee Curtis or even Jodie Foster who enthralled us with her performance in The Silence of The Lambs. Needless to say, this cusp is an exciting mix where the love of loyalty needs to be balanced with the need for freedom. These folks are textbook examples of committed relationships where there is ample wriggle room for adventure. Nothing impresses your Scorpio Sagittarius cusp more than a loyal and exciting relationship which is marked to last forever. Folks born on this cusp are blessed with the empathy of a water sign Scorpio and the unpredictability of a fire sign Sagittarius , which gives them a wide prism of abilities.

    There is a synergy which is present between compassion and kindness which makes them incredibly generous. The fire sign ensures that they are unpredictable and downright scary at times, so they need partners who would respect their freedom and independence. The water sign, on the other hand, is quite a wary sign and fire holds truth and honesty as important.

    They are attracted to people who are passionate and talented and enjoy encouraging them to reach their full potential. Fire signs will reflect the intensity and make partners for life. A relationship with a partner from the fire sign would be laden with passion and intimacy. A water sign partner, on the other hand, will provide the love and affection that a fire sign craves for.

    They would also hold great pride with tradition, which would be an insistence on stability and great strength of purpose. This relationship would have the potential to provide a firm foundation for any endeavor.

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    As one unit, this couple would be quite powerful in a quiet, rather authoritative manner. In reality, however, it is the combination of the two that would carry the punch here. The relationship would be gratifying to both partners as mutual respect is the foundation of such a duo. The real challenge is in setting up the relationship itself as the ultimate authority and methodically establishing firm guidelines.

    Agreeing on who will be the unquestioned boss in their own special areas of interest would be a possible solution to these issues. An element to note here is the shadow qualities or dark side of the self that are likely to emerge. The partners will find themselves fascinated by the depth of their feelings for each other and may seek to restrict other relationships and even their careers in order to spend more time alone together.

    Love affairs here can be fulfilling.