Finding Soul Mate Matches for Aquarius

Donna Roberts 1 Comment. How compatible are Aquarius women and Taurus men mentally, emotionally and sexually? Although the Aquarius woman and Taurus man seem to be opposites, they do share certain personality traits. They are both intelligent and know how to get what they want. But because of this mental acuity these two zodiac signs are both very opinionated. The female water bearer is much more social than the male bull, and she may end up making the first move if they come across each other at a social gathering.

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Taurus men are great conversationalists and Aquarius women love bouncing ideas off of him, so their discussions could go on all night. Her confidence is very alluring to him, and his inner strength is very attractive to her. After the Aquarius and Taurus get to know each other, they will move things into the bedroom.

If the Aquarius Taurus match is to find common ground in sex, she will have to take her head out of the clouds and join him on the physical plain, and he will have to let loose and join in her illusions. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! These two star signs can help each other broaden their sexual horizons, for he has the stamina to keep up with her.

He just has to be willing to try new things once in a while to keep her happy, and she will have to slow down to his pace on occasion. If the Aquarius woman and Taurus man can keep an open mind, they can learn a lot from their partner. He is a solid foundation upon which to build her ideas and he can help her to achieve more than she ever dreamed. Together, they can create a wonderful life.

The Aquarius woman Taurus man personalities really differ when it comes to sex, for she is wild and carefree between the sheets and he is steadfast and romantic. The Aquarius woman is unique in her way of thinking and would rather play mind games or engage in fantasies to put them in the mood. Never even had a fling with one, but there was a Gemini who had a major crush on me in high school.

I wish him all the best in their life together. Man, this kid was entirely 2 clingy and I had 2 tell him everything I was doing. Still does 2 this day. So yea, never again. Although, they do make great friends. My best friend is a Cancer and we get along perfect! Leo- Damn, they are so much fun! Gotta say that right now. The best time I ever had in bed was with a Leo , and he left me breathless 4 3 hours after!

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Virgo- 4get it. Well, this Virgo would just cancel on me at the last minute or postpone our engagement 4 a later time. It just got annoying after awhile and I was like good-bye. Never again will I date a Virgo. Then there was another Libra I was interested in, but again, lost interest. I find Libra men 2 be very whiny, over-emotional slobs. U kno, I like 2 be the girl in the relationship, not the man. And I think in order 2 be with a Libra, u have 2 be the man in order 4 it 2 work. Then, shit hit the ceiling. I started chillin wit my friends more, and whenever I did he would send me these really angry text messages, cursing me off, calling me the worst person in the world, u name it.

I got so sick of it, then the Cap man I mentioned above came through, and I decided 2 end it wit the Scorpio. Started throwing things, dented his car, told me he wanted 2 strangle me. He kept texting me after, and broke down crying in front of me, begging 4 me back. It was the most disturbing, pathetic thing I ever experienced wit any other guy thus far.

Sagittarius- Last but not least, the Sagittarius male. First experience: high school. We were friends and decided 2 date, but he became uninteresting 2 me. Second experience: college. Was sitting down, minding my own business, when WHAM! The most gorgeous human being I ever saw in my life sat right next 2 me and introduced himself. This guy is awesome! First off, he completely lied 2 me about everything. Second, he started pursuing me aggressively, and would literally scare the daylights out of me.

But I believe this was all given the circumstances of the situation Not guna go into detail on that. And it gets better sarcasm : the douchebag started avoiding me completely after. I was so upset, confused, and full of rage all at the same time. I tried making up with him, but he just threw it back in my face and started talking shit about me behind my back.

But I got him back. Sag men are just really hard 2 figure out, and ur never important 2 them, unless they want u there. Looking back, Sag men are the Devil because they reel us in and spit us back out. The 2nd experience has scarred me more than the Cancer relationship, because at least the Cancer was forthcoming about it. The Sag just avoided me at all costs, like I had the plague or something, and never took me seriously again after that.

I think us Aquarius women are 2 strong 4 any type of man, and should be alone as long as possible. The number one sign I def. Every other sign can fuck off lol. Unfortunately he is very possessive, controlling, and clingy. Cancers will listen to you when you tell them your likes and dislikes; you will see a change or improvement. Leo man—says all the right loving things—then wants space—buy not enough to give up—very confusing —we are not a good match—aquarian woman.

I was married to a scorpion man for years and it was total torture. Everything had to be his way all the time. I am now in a relationship with a libra man and oh so happy. Total bliss!!! He is my perfect soulmate and I love him tremendously and I know his feelings are mutual as well. Aquarius Women. Funny thing is, he thinks he has me whipped in the bedroom.

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Little does he know, he is good but not that damn good. LOL then he calls himself breaking it off with me to only come back again later cause truth be said, his ass is addicted to me. I know the Cancer is suppose to have a hard shell and tough to get next to but I believe the Aquarius is tougher and more strong willed. Hey guys.. Then all the horrendous garbage kicks in. Scorpio guys are intense.

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Very stable. And they are really a challenge! We may be incompatible in so many things but I feel that him being tough and dominating is the only one who can keep up with me. Aquarius are unstable, quick to change minds… my Scorpio bf teaches me how to stick to just one and work hard for it. Oh the defensive scorpio!!!! I have been with Scorpio twice. The first one went on for seven years but it was a total disaster!!! Virgo guys.. Afraid to commit. Always playing safe… Loves to play around. But really their carefree kind of living is what i like about these guys.. I can do wht I want.

But Virgo guys do not feel that much.. I have something to add bout pisces men. But then underneath they can be paranoid and unstable and then when it comes to the break up they can be like fuck u and never talk to u agen. I am seeing an acquarius and they are rocking my world, I want to do everything in my world to make them happy. We have total respect for each other. My Cappy guy betrayed me too after 6yrs.. They will love U and make love to you like nothing U ever experienced but will leave U cold and disappointed. Its always gonna feel like unfinished business with him.

We respect eachother and were best of friends but he is too cold even for his own good. My Ex husband was a lying ,stealing, irresponsible, moody SOB!! I get along great with Aries people but these men have a temper I know this. They can also slip into a funk at any given moment and give the world silent treatment for days at a time sometimes when they are overwhelmed. Aquarian women are better at it tho!

I love a good challenge but I need a real man who can handle me on every level. My Cappy was able to do that well.. My Dad is a Libra and I agree with the coolness factor mentioned before. They seem to have a carefree attitude like we do but can be irresponsible and not able to follow thru on things.

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Procrastinator too! Fun yes but longterm relation not sure. Cancerians are too needy and clingy. I hate that. Virgo men are not marrying men or committing men. Pisces are a bit moody and eccentric at times and kinda boring.

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Taurus men are very clingy and touchy which I hate!!! They do need to be loved and have U there every second which is too much confinement for me. Sagittarius men are cool but a lil too cool and aloof. They rarely settle down if they do its later in life they seem to always have tons to do and their mate will always come second to whatever hobby they have. * Rate Your Compatibility

Scorpio OMG!! They are very mean and insensitive. They lack the ability to have heart. They need love and wanna give love and love and love… they wanna talk the talk and say romantic things and its just too much… its like having cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! Good Luck Chicks! Onward and upward! Wish U all the best in finding a suitable mate. Your email address will not be published.

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Toggle navigation. Aquarius Compatibility — Love Relationship Match. Like 0. Share this. Jackielantern June 30th, Pavel December 1st, Wrong, everybody has feelings. Aqua too. Just feeling are inside. Find them. Alex October 23rd, Est June 12th, AquaAlan November 3rd, Like 1. Aqualady June 22nd, Linda24 November 15th, Any career advise Like 0. Bluesidian November 8th, So much for our options September 1st, Seven7Seven July 31st, Caz January 19th, TaMMy April 7th, Leo man—says all the right loving things—then wants space—buy not enough to give up—very confusing —we are not a good match—aquarian woman Like 0.

I love my man he is a aquaruis Im a Sagittaruis Like 0. Loretta Ince March 31st, Aquarius Women Like 0. Esther March 10th,